Spider Bite

Blech, pleh, Eeeeeeew. 

This page is not for the squeamish! It documents a brown recluse bite, progression, and recovery from early 2012.  There are NO pictures of actual spiders, but there are pictures of the bite. It looked much more gross to me at the time (when I was living it) than it does now, but the photos still are not great to accompany lunch.

6.5 years later, I can barely see where the center of the bite was – there’s really no scarring.

As you were.

At the ER, a little over 2 hours post-bite, and after the high-dose Benadryl had reduced some of the allergic reaction to the bite








Shortly after getting home from ER, lunch and prescription filling. More swelling and the bite mark is darker. The circle is my wedding ring, for size comparison.
10 hours post-bite, the skin began changing color; went back to the ER and determined it was bruising.
Bedtime, and the swelling has increased, but the bruising is less noticeable.

Day 2

February 22, in the morning; 22 hours post-bite. Much additional swelling. The site/bruising is a lot more colorful today. The pain woke me up, but wasn’t too bad; just unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Hardly unbearable (so far). The entire swollen area is quite tender today.
Swellin’. Definitely not gellin’. The edema jiggles when I walk, which is totally gross.

Day 3




And at 5pm, after my re-evaluation by the plastic surgeon who says “it looks fine for now and you don’t need surgery for now but come back in a week and call me if it turns black and these things can turn at any minute”.
What’s all this black stuff? {SIGH AGAIN}

Day 4

Friday morning, 7am. Not much change. Whew. For now.

Day 5

Saturday morning, 9am. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I put polysporin ointment on the bite area, which made the skin feel less tight, but also allowed me to feel my pants touching the bite area — OW. I couldn’t sleep, even after taking half a Vicodin (which is upsetting my tummy, too). I finally figured out if I rolled over on my left side so that I was almost on my stomach, that let the fabric fall away from the bite and I could sleep. My arm and body didn’t like the position that much, though, and I miss sleeping on my right side something terrible. The edema was WAY down this morning. Don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.
Sunday morning. It hurt like hell all morning and started to feel better after lunch. By mid-afternoon it barely hurt. That lasted overnight. It was great.
Aaaand Monday morning was UGLY. Hurt until Tuesday afternoon.
Wasn’t much prettier by Tuesday (2-28-12), but the pain went away for the most part by 3pm and hasn’t come back too badly. A few “pin pricks” or weird sensations since then (I’m writing this on 3/1), but nothing like Thursday through Tuesday.
Wednesday morning – it’s been one week and one day. I am not in pain. The red is a good sign, I think. It looks more like living (if pissed off) tissue versus dead. I am attributing the turn around to the fact that I’m on antibiotics and the recovery is happening in a closed (at least for now) system, so no bacterial infections are slowing things down.
And Thursday, new month, new hope! The color is MUCH improved today. I can tell the blister and the surrounding skin aren’t getting better for a while, but it appears my body has made pretty short work of the venom. New development. See the polka dots? Are those hives? All of a sudden? Why on earth? It’s not on my other leg, and it goes halfway down my thigh and itches. I’m taking a Benadryl with my 9 million pills this morning. Plastics check-in at 2:30; will update more after that.
Friday, March 2, 2012. She’s opening! Today, I started bandaids + Neosporin. Still no pain.
An AWESOME show of my morbiliform rash (allergic reaction to antibiotics). This was worst 3-2-12 and cleared up about 3 days later.
Thursday, March 8 after almost a week of bandaids and Neosporin. The bite proper is pretty grody, but the discoloration has cleared up significantly and it looks like the healthy flesh has a significant advantage. No pain.
Today is three weeks to the day from the bite. The bite proper is STILL healing. I am still doing daily neosporin + bandaid and will continue until the bite is fully healed. The discoloration seems to have stabilized — very pink around the bite, and a grayish tone over the entire area where my “two fingers” affected area was. I expect that if I wear a bathing suit this summer, the bite will show. I think I’ll have a scar where the bite proper is for some time. Check up is Thursday this week.

Three Months and Eight Days Later…

BR Bite, 3+ months later…

The bite hasn’t hurt in a very long time. However, the mark is still there and will be for a long time, I’m sure. Fun for swimming suits… I might have to get a skirt or boy shorts. {sigh}

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