Capsule Updates, October 2021

I really enjoy dressing with a 33-item capsule, but lest that feel too restrictive, please consider that I use the opportunity to “encourage” dressing with less to make sure I’m wearing things I love and trying to make work/eliminate things I’m not sure about.

To that end, my capsule is a living, breathing thing. If I realize things don’t work, I either put them away for now or get rid of them. I also rotate new things in if I purchase them (almost always second-hand), and now that I’m doing things like dyeing and bleaching clothing, I try to rotate those things in as I amend them, too. To keep the number at 33 items, I rotate out things that aren’t working as well. Sometimes I’ve misjudged my preferences for now, or the weather, or whether I have a good balance of clothing. If I find I’m often wishing I could wear something else I already have, rather than suffer the deprivation, I try to find the thing that I don’t want to reach for the most and figure out if I really don’t want to reach for it at all, or if it’s just not a good fit with my other items.

The above is the capsule I started with. I have made the following edits since I started on September 23, 2021:

OUT: Rust Converse
IN: Cognac Frye ballet flats

I love the Converse, but they are a good half size too big. I purchased them secondhand, wore them a few times on vacation, and haven’t wanted to wear them since. My feet are already large for my frame (I’m 5’3 and wear a solid size 9 most of the time, going up or down a half size as the brand requires), and I feel really self-conscious when they are even a half size bigger than I need. They are in great shape and I’ll likely resell them. I found another pair of Converse x Missoni secondhand in half a size down and will be trying those instead. The ones I like better will stay. I may discover that while the 9 offers enough wiggle room, the 8.5 does not, but I used to wear the 8, and I know that was too snug. I did not wear the Converse at all during the first ten days of my capsule.
Verdict: likely declutter/replace

OUT: Green dyed sweater
IN: Levi Wedgie Straight, mid-dark wash, no distressing

I wore the green sweater a week ago and I tried it once after dying/before the capsule. I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t love it and I’m not sure why. I adored it when it was beige. Is the color wrong? I struggle a bit because it’s maybe too close to denim? I can’t decide whether to try it with other bottoms or try dyeing it a different color. Meanwhile, since starting back at work (part time/limited duration), I realized I can and will be wearing denim to work, but my denim in my capsule has either a knee hole (but are my favorite jeans) or are skinny/stretch/ripped hem (better, but only so much, and they fit strangely). So I grabbed the Levi ones secondhand for about half of what I’d pay new. I realized upon their arrival they aren’t 100% cotton (my preference), but only 2% stretch, but they feel much more like “real” jeans than my stretch/raw hem ones. I am thinking about parting with those (the stretchy raw hem ones), but TBD. I get so suckered in by the stretchy subscription-box denim and the crush always fades quickly. I knew better, and bought them anyway. So there we are.
Verdict: try with different pants and possibly re-dye. Purgatory status.

OUT: Everlane Caramel V Neck Tee
IN: Everlane Wide Leg Light Chino in Tan

We had a hot stretch of about three days. What I quickly realized was that I need a few more bottoms options, stat. Also, I accidentally wore them to church Sunday because I only have one dress in my capsule and I didn’t think to wear my skirt and they were fresh out of the dryer and I wasn’t thinking about it. Oops. So they came in and the shirt came out and there’s nothing wrong with the shirt but I don’t need two things with the exact same cut (I know you’re thinking about my two pairs of wedgie-style Levi’s right now, but one is distressed, the other isn’t, and one is 26″ inseam and the other is 28″ – totally different).

Other things I’m thinking about:

Will I need two turtlenecks? I like the option for the colder end of the season, and they will both look nice with my leopard-print skirt.

Should I donate the olive silky blouse? I love the way it looks (you can see it in the photo with the new jeans, above). It hangs well and the color and style are lovely. However (!!) it is poly, not silk, and so I sweat like crazy in it. And it doesn’t give at all, so it’s almost impossible to get out of. So like the Converse, these are probably a “on the right track, but need a better option for me” item.

Do I need another dress or skirt? TBD.

I’ll keep sharing my stuff with you as I go!

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