Wardrobe Brainstorming

I have been living with my ~100-item wardrobe for about two months now. Overall, I feel like it is going quite well, but I am itchy to get back into my closet and re-evaluate, and this is after donating three trash bags and two Aldi sacks full of clothing after a May 1st declutter. I know I pulled a few things out of my closet, and I suspect strongly I could pull a few more (most of the donations were purgatory or near-miss items, which I explain in my linked post). Here’s how I’m feeling about things a couple of months in…

Size: this feels MORE than adequate. Especially since I don’t count graphic tees, undergarments, etc., as anything other than categories. It is making me want to push to get my full number of items to 100 in total outside of the accessories/underthings/hosiery categories. So I think that’s my goal.

Method: I think what worked so well for me was identifying a great METHOD this time around. Having ten “favorites” that work mostly year-round, then ten more things I love for each season (50), then around 5-10 items for things like work, outerwear, workout, PJ, lounge, dressy, etc., really serves me well. I like that half of my wardrobe (inclusive of shoes!) is stuff I wear in my “everyday” life.

So mostly, I wish to purge more things from my purgatory/near-miss catgetories, and really analyze whether some of my 100-item capsule items are still more “fantasy” self than “reality” self. I have a few things I haven’t worn yet because it’s been a cool spring, but I’ll be able to better evaluate that as we go — especially since Joe and I are vaccinated and things are opening back up to something closer to “normal”, at least for the summer.

Things I’ve added (this is all off the top of my head):

  1. Eileen Fisher blush cashmere sweater (from near-miss)
  2. Re-added linen drawstring pants for summer (from purgatory)
  3. Added Everlane Alpaca sweater (from near-miss)
  4. Added navy shorts (from near-miss)
  5. Added white tshirt (For Days, new)
  6. Added gray tshirt (For Days, new)
  7. Added black tshirt (For Days, new)
  8. Added brown Birkenstock Boston clogs (from purgatory)
  9. Added ecru J Crew sweatshirt (from purgatory)
  10. Added Birkenstock Gizeh sandals (from purgatory)

New total: 110 items

I also moved most of the sweaters to the shelf boxes or places I can’t see them, so that I am not looking at cool weather stuff as it warms up — I have had precious few “warm-warm” days, but also few “wool sweater” days, so I’m trying to make sure my closet feels season-appropriate.

As I mentioned, I also did a ruthless purge on May 1st as part of a whole-house declutter. I only had an hour to focus on my closet, so I just Marie-Kondo’d like crazy. Touched it. Happy? Even a minute of hesitation? Let it go. I also tried to keep in my heart an idea Dawn (Minimal Mom) had in a recent video: do you want to declutter it now? or declutter it later?

From my 100-item list, I know I purged at least the following:

  1. Amazon zip romper (felt cheap)
  2. Paisley skirt (too long and made me look pregnant)
  3. Block print wrap skirt (not flattering/my style)
  4. Gray cowl sweatshirt

So that makes my new total 106 items. I think I could pull a few things out yet, but I’ll get back to it soon, and hopefully update my inventory soon. I feel like I could pare down shoes a bit (if a little uncomfortable – I love shoes, but I’d really like to try to get down to under 25 pairs, because dedicating more than a quarter of my items to feet, of which I have TWO, seems silly). So perhaps a heart-to-heart with my footwear needs is the next step for paring down.

That’s what is rattling around in my brains these days.

More soon.

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