Enemy of the Good

I am struggling mightily to resume posting. The struggle has a name: perfection. Widely attributed to Voltaire, who himself attributed the saying to an Italian proverb, the idea is ages old and endures:

Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien
Dit que le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.

(In his writings, a wise Italian
says that the best is the enemy of the good)

Me, rn

I want to start vlogging – the conversational aspect of the medium and the community on YouTube seems appealing. Do people still read blogs? I mean, I know zero people are reading this one right now (down from a high of about eight?), and I like to write. But I like the idea of recording and talking, too. I bought a ring light and microphone, but I don’t know how to edit videos very well. And then there’s the kids thing, but lots of women with kids figure out how to do this. Surely I can? I suspect it needs to be one of those “get up at 5AM before the kids” things. But it sounds better than pushups and jumping jacks at that hour (which I should also be doing), so there’s that.

Anyway, at a minimum, we can talk Project 333. I have done this a number of times before, and I am doing it in earnest this time — truly 33 items. Here they are:

As I write this, I’m officially in my fourth week of this capsule, and I’m feeling pretty great about my choices! It all works pretty well together. My biggest takeaways from this capsule are that 1/ I really need to plan for some warm days. We have had many in late September/early October and I’ve felt over(weight-of-clothing)-dressed too often. Only having one pair of sandals has been repetitive with so many warm days, too, but part of what I’ve wanted to test is that I need SO FEW shoes while in quarantine. I barely wear them being home so much, or just need something to slip on while I’m standing to alleviate my mild heel and arch discomfort (from years of terrible-for-feet-shoes that didn’t fit well). Having donated my ONLY dress in the capsule and not having many options I prefer or want to substitute in, I’m feeling that gap.

I have purchased a couple of things since the project started and won’t use them until my winter capsule:

I’m also watching a few items on Poshmark and have promised myself I can treat myself to a new pair of Danskos, since I am parting with several pairs of beloved comfort shoes that no longer fit, and they are fabulous year-round (cute with dresses and bare feet; cute with socks and keep your pant hems out of slushy mud). If I swap anything in, I’ll have to swap something else out; otherwise, I’ll try to stick with what I’ve picked until December 21, when my next capsule starts.

  1. Graphic Tee, White It’s election season, y’all (2020, new)
  2. Graphic Tee, Rust We’ll All Float On (2019, birthday gift)
  3. Graphic Tee, Charcoal From our Michigan Trip in 2016 (2016, new)
  4. Everlane Tee, Root Not brown, not burgundy (2014, new)
  5. Organic Basics Tee, White (2020, new)
  6. Serra (Aldi) Tee, Rust (2019, new as 2-pack with black)
  7. Everlane Tee, Moss (2016, secondhand)
  8. Organic Basics Tee, Black (2020, new)
  9. Serra (Aldi) Tee, Black (2019, new as 2-pack with rust)
  10. Lularoe Classic Tee, Black and White Micro-stripe (2017, new)
  11. Everlane Terry Sweatshirt, Pink (2020, new)
  12. Jamie & the Jones T-Top in Olive Raw Silk (2019, secondhand)
  13. Steven Alan red/white print peasant blouse (2018, secondhand)
  14. Old Navy rust poncho lightweight sweater (2014, new)
  15. Old Navy dark taupe turtleneck heavy poncho (2014, secondhand)
  16. Everlane Twisted Merino cardigan (2020, new)
  17. Trovata gray and white wool cardigan with rust (2018, secondhand)
  18. J Crew charcoal grandpa-style cardigan (2020, secondhand)
  19. RD Style (Stitch Fix) cotton-blend sweater, ecru (2019, new)
  20. Everlane Alpaca Crew Sweater, heathered black (2019, new)
  21. Eileen Fisher Cashmere Sweater, tobacco (blush) (2018, secondhand)
  22. Banana Republic Factory Sweater, Black stripe (2020, new)
  23. Banana Republic Factory Sweater, Camel (2020, new)
  24. Civil Alchemy crossbody leather bag, tan (2019, birthday gift)
  25. Old Navy Stretch jeans, mid-wash (2018, new)
  26. Levi’s distressed 501T, mid-wash (2017, new)
  27. Levi’s 501T, washed black (2017, new)
  28. Everlane Straight Leg Crop, 26.5″ inseam, Ochre (2020, secondhand)
  29. Everlane Straight Leg Crop, 24.5″ inseam, Rust (2020, secondhand)
  30. Merona (Target) black trouser/jogger pant (2016, new)
  31. Veja V-12, White/Emeraude Sneaker (2019, new)
  32. Birkenstock Arizona, Tan Suede (2019. secondhand)
  33. DV Dolce Vita Bootie, Tan Roughout (2011, new)


23/33 tops (70%)
6/33 bottoms (18%)
3/33 shoes (9%)
1/33 bags (<1%)

Purchased or received new: 22/33 (67%)
Purchased or received secondhand: 11/33 (33%)

Average age of item included: early 2018 (2.5 years)
Oldest item: 2011 (9 years)

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