All at Once/September

“All at once, summer collapsed into fall.”
-Oscar Wilde

I have been a full-time stay-at-home mama for a little over one month now. Mostly, I love it. I was home part-time (T/Th usually) from the time the twins were born, and have had periods of time at home with them when childcare was unavailable for a block of time, so it feels like more of that sort of thing. The biggest difference is that, even part-time, work functioned as a break from parenting, and parenting a break from work, and I’ve lost one of those things most of the time. Now my break from parenting is choir rehearsal, which resumes tonight (and I’m glad for it).

Because the kiddos don’t have a break from me, either, I have enrolled them in new activities, specifically gymnastics (twins) on Mondays and dance (all three) on Thursdays, and they start swim (twins on Tuesdays and Lo on Saturdays) after Labor Day, and they return to their preschool/kids day out program next week too, MWF mornings. This is great for all of us – now is such a great time to try all these different activities while they are little and not spending a lot of time in school – we still have LOTS of unstructured time for play and rest, and they get stimulation and a new scene and socialization. And, once school starts, Mama can grocery shop by herself again, and start organizing things, and fold laundry without “help”. Big goals, I tell you.

Wardrobe – I culled a LOT of things from my wardrobe over the summer. I have largely edited to warm-weather items with a mostly neutrals/blue/green palette. I have my “warm” items set aside for now, but still find myself occasionally drawn to warm reds and yellows, so there are a few things and I need to decide whether to put them in my main closet or keep them to the side. I appreciate the aesthetics of excluding them, but I worry that they will be excluded from wear, too, which is not my goal. The closet is much less cluttered and much easier to use now, but I’d like to return to wardrobe tracking (which went off the rails in Spring/Summer), and I may do more of that on paper than on the computer starting next month.

I also hope to blog again more, now that I’m starting to feel a routine again. I miss writing and the creative outlet. Grechen from Grechen’s Closet does a nice posting style where she posts her outfit and shares things based on current events or her mood, and I like that structure. I get so caught up in not being ready to post something on my “assigned day” that I miss it and then never do anything about it and nothing gets posted and I get frustrated and step away from blogging longer than I’d like. So I might try that for a bit until I get a sense of how often I’m posting.

I do intend to track outfits and share them some. Maybe not all of them.

Budget… obviously lots of big changes with my income dropping off. I am planning to work with about $300/mo clothing budget from my discretionary spending, trying to save $100/mo and allocating the remaining $200ish among dinners out, entertainment, haircuts, etc., adjusting as necessary. The big news is that, this month, I paid off my credit card debt that had accrued while working part time. So, more than anything, I want to keep that balance paid each month in full without paying any interest.

Clothing Purchases / June-July-August. I added the following to my wardrobe over the summer:
Hymn Tee (based a favorite hymn – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing)
White Blouse (Stitch Fix)
June total after Stitch Fix Styling Pass Credit: $49.78 (both)
Green cardigan (Stitch Fix)
Black melange cardigan (Stitch Fix)
Shorts x 3 (Target) (Green, Chambray, dark Khaki)
Navy Everlane Sweater (Poshmark)
Jamie and the Jones raw silk T Top in olive (Sell/Trade Slow Fashion resale)
Death Cab for Cutie concert tee
July total $304.17
Three new tanks and four new camisoles (Amazon)
Stitch Fix – the whole box:
Red eyelet dress
Navy circle texture sweater
Slim Bootcut Jeans
White blouse
Navy scallop cardigan
Early Xmas: New KU shirt for basketball games
August total: $340.78
I did splurge in August because I had a little bonus from extra days worked over the summer – this little bit of extra pay is what knocked out the rest of the CC debt and allowed me to get the entire box at Stitch Fix this time! Future purchases will need to fit in budget – a whole box may fit in the $300 budget, but may also require spending less some months.

For September, I’d like to get a few things from Everlane. There’s a beautiful gray cardigan, maybe a new pair of jeans (cheeky? summer jeans?), a chunky sweater or two, and maybe a pair of shoes for Nee’s wedding are all in consideration. I also like the summer-weight chinos… So many good things right now, and I have a $50 gift card from my birthday. Paradox of choice and debt-reduction goals have kept me from purchasing until now.

And there we are…for now.

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