WMM: Another green room & an art start

Slowly but surely, we’re painting the new house. So far, we’ve painted the great room, kitchen, living room, nursery, and (as of last night), the dining room. The house is still a bloody mess, but it was a beige bloody mess and now (slowly but surely), there’s color.

The greens are all the same color, plucked from the same color chip, three in a row. We picked the lighted color (Benjamin Moore’s Texas Sage) for the living room, the medium tone (Passion Vine) for the great big room, and the darkest option (Trailing Vines) for the dining room (and, eventually, the back of the living room door, which is still a light beige). Here they are, in order light to dark.
IMG_6231 IMG_6227 IMG_6239

As you can see, we’re still a complete mess around here. BUT! I really am liking the colors. The beige walls with beige furniture and beige floors were killing me when we first moved in, because our furniture is wooden or neutral (because I am a color-on-the-walls sort of girl), and the overall effect was so very, very bland.

These rooms form a sort of C shape in the house and all connect in that L; the kitchen is the center, and it is black, which works SO much better now that the rooms around it are starting to take shape with more saturated colors.

I do think I want to paint the bulkhead black, though, now that I see it…


We’re starting to get serious about putting the house together. The babies are getting bigger and it’s a little easier for them to entertain themselves for brief periods with supervision, and we’re on a schedule (most of the time), which makes it easier to coordinate parent duties. So one of us paints or putters and the other Tiny Wrangles.

Seriously, though, we’re hoping to have an open house for friends after the holidays, I’m hosting a book club in a couple of weeks, and we’ll have family here for Christmas. So we need to get a move on. And if those reasons weren’t compelling enough? The babies are rolling, and will be crawling before we know it. So we need to get serious about babyproofing this place, and that will only happen once there is enough furniture in place to put stuff AWAY.

Good thing we just got an IKEA, isn’t it???

I’m totally serious.


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